Renita Joyce Smith



Renita has 17+ years of management consulting and strategy development experience in transforming and driving change within Fortune 500 organizations. She is a well-rounded, authentic leader with a diverse consulting skillset, including strategic planning, initiative delivery, program/project management, technology implementations, and enterprise transformations. At her core, Renita is a relationship builder who drives consensus across executive teams, works cross-functionally to drive results, and influences change at all organizational levels.

A true problem solver, she creates comprehensive solutions for complex enterprise-level problems, develops actionable plans, engages resources, and ensures optimal implementation for her clients. She has successfully consulted for Microsoft, Bank of America, Hunt, Baylor Scott & White, Employbridge, Sonic, and more. Renita has recently expanded her focus to include her passion for developing and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies that can bridge the gap between theory and practical execution of DEI in the workplace.

Renita’s commitment to service spans from the office to her community. She currently serves on the Leadership Council for the Junior League of Dallas, is a Board Member for First3Years and Chase’s Place, is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and the Leadership Dallas Class of 2019.

In her spare time, Renita practices self-care through random acts of adventuring, painting, and spoiling her fur babies, Mason and Toussaint.

Restorative, Competition, Ideation, Individualization, Input

Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging (INTJ)


My highest rated CliftonStrength is Restorative, and it perfectly epitomizes the core of what drives me:

You love to solve problems. Whereas some are dismayed when they encounter yet another breakdown, you can be energized by it. It is a wonderful feeling to identify the undermining factor(s), eradicate them, and restore something to its true glory. Intuitively, you know that without your intervention, this thing — this machine, this technique, this person, this company — might have ceased to function. You fixed it, resuscitated it, rekindled its vitality. Phrasing it the way you might, you saved it.”

I was the kid in class that loved everything from getting a new project, to pop-quiz day in math, to deconstructing a Shakespearean sonnet — if it was something new to figure out and challenge myself with, I was in. And that passion has never left me. Within both my personal and professional life, I’m always looking for ways to fix, tinker, and to make things better. That’s why consulting is such an amazing fit for me.

In addition to solving problems, humanity truly fascinates me. Though classified as an introvert, I love getting to know new people and understanding their dreams, motivations, and quirks. Within the workplace, we sometimes forget that we are humans first and workers second. As a result, you can create the best process or strategic roadmap on paper, but if you do not account for the human component, the psychology of why someone should buy into this big idea, it’s just a fancy process that isn’t going to go anywhere. When I work with clients, the problem we are brought in to fix is of course the top priority, but I also bring my coaching/psychology toolkit along to help focus on bringing the people along with the change.

“So, Renita, when you aren’t studying people or trying to fix all the things around you, what are you doing?” Well, you can find me trying my hardest to lean into my authenticity and live my life out loud. I’m a serial hobbyist, and at any given time am probably trying something very random that I either saw on Pinterest or that’s on my ever-growing bucket list. My proudest adventure in the past year was a failed attempt at learning roller derby. I was completely horrible at it, I spent more time on the floor than on any of my 8 wheels, but I loved that I embraced the fear and tried it anyway. Other hobbies that I’ve tried, and been a bit more successful at, include improv comedy, storytelling, wine tasting, watercoloring, and home horticulture. As Jane Fonda said, “Ask questions. Stay curious, keep learning and growing. And always strive to be more interested than interesting.”