Rebekah Cole



Rebekah has over nine years of consulting experience leading transformative business and technology solution programs across a variety of industries, including transportation, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail. Her functional focus, paired with her technical depth, enables Rebekah to effectively deliver results while managing across teams. Nothing is more rewarding to Rebekah than creating a holistic path forward during a challenging situation that results in shared success.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Rebekah gained a well-balanced perspective from her roles as a Change Leader and a Senior Project Manager at Southwest Airlines and in her consulting roles at Hitachi Consulting and Point B. At Hitachi, Rebekah focused on business intelligence and analytics implementations (often as part of larger Oracle, SAP, and Cognos system projects) to help deliver impactful data to key decision-makers at the right time. While at Point B, Rebekah led a complex integration effort to develop and deliver a custom digital retailing solution with multiple vendors. Rebekah graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and subsequently earned her Master’s in Business Administration.

Rebekah lives in Texas and enjoys spending her free time outdoors, whether it’s mountain biking, camping, hiking, or skiing.

Achiever, Input, Learner, Positivity, Intellection

Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging (ENTJ)


You could say I was always destined for consulting. I grew up in an empowering home where we often made pitch presentations over dinner — initially via drawings on a whiteboard before eventually upgrading to PowerPoint! Our pitches covered everything from asking for hair highlights to getting involved in extracurricular activities to trip planning. One of my most memorable pitches was the “business case” I presented for how I could earn an American Girl Stable. As funny as these moments are in retrospect, they truly helped me see the world differently. I was inspired by the example set by several of my family members, mesmerized by their diverse stories and incredible experiences as consultants. Growing up in this environment taught me to approach the world through the lens of problem-solving and to couple it with a hard work ethic. It also showed me how an optimistic spirit is necessary to thrive.

During college, I had the opportunity to work directly with co-op farmers in West Africa. It was a deeply enriching personal time as I took the “head knowledge” I had about business and applied it in the real world. Experiencing how transformative the right solution (be it process, technology, or education) can be when implemented with change management solidified my trajectory. How rewarding is it to be part of something that results in your neighbor, your community, or your world becoming better? I took these formative experiences with me as I dove into my first few consulting projects, learning the ropes of data analysis and system implementation with vigor.

I have been blessed to partner with incredible clients and teams over the years, accomplishing meaningful results and tackling large initiatives. From launching a digital retailing platform to implementing FASB accounting compliance software to managing the transformation of an analytics tool, my passion remains the same: leading and inspiring my team to make the world a better place starting with what is right in front of us.