Nicholas Ray

Senior Consultant


Nicholas is an analytical thinker with an eye for strategy. Over the past 7 years, Nicholas has worked with high-tech and telecom providers (HTTPs), financial services, and electric utilities leaders, over a broad spectrum of business services, to help identify and act on strategic priorities. Nicholas’s work consists of strategic planning, IT assessment, project management, and analytics development and implementation. Having a diverse background of industries and services allows Nicholas to incorporate different approaches and solutions to problems his clients face.

Nicholas has a BSBA in Economics from Oklahoma State University and will be graduating with his MS in Business Analytics (Data Science) and MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) from the University of Texas at Dallas in fall 2021.

Outside of work, Nicholas enjoys spending time with his family on the lake, hiking local trails, woodworking, or reading a good book.

Learner, Input, Analytical, Responsibility, Ideation

Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving (ENTP)


Economics, at its core, is the study of people and why they make the decisions they choose to make. People and organizations alike make hundreds of decisions every day — some large, some small. But they all have something in common: human behavior. With seemingly clear choices laid out in front of us, we often make our decisions based off biases, heuristics, and the environment around us, while potentially not even knowing those influences exist.

That is where data comes into play. I believe that the power of human intuition, backed by sound data, leads to more economical decisions. Whether working at a client site, or at home with our families, data can enable us to make informed decisions and help prevent biases and heuristics from clouding our judgement. Together, human intuition and data create the foundations for better decision making, and better decision-making leads to better economic outcomes.

It is that interaction between human intuition and data that drew me to consulting. As a consultant, I get to help my clients better understand their problems by harnessing their experience, knowledge, and intuition and then pairing that with my teams’ experience, knowledge, research, and analysis to collaboratively develop solutions that can transform our client’s business. Having the opportunity to bolster human intuition with data at my clients really allows me to sink my teeth into complex problems. Every project is a new adventure of learning, breaking down challenges, and then translating findings into actionable solutions.

People make decisions every day but helping them make the best decisions they can through data is what excites me about consulting.