Lauren Cox

Senior Consultant


Lauren began her collegiate education as a biochemical engineer but shortly transitioned to the college of Arts and Sciences realizing she was most interested in pursuing her fascination with people and the way they grow and interact. In three and a half years, Lauren graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Business and Sociology, eager to make an impact in the world of consulting.

Lauren demonstrates a passion for building relationships that drive business solutions. As a consultant, Lauren can pursue that passion in a variety of positions while immersing herself in a range of industries. Lauren’s consulting experience to date extends to Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Technical Training, Operations, and Project Management across diverse commercial and government clients.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Lauren worked as a Senior Consultant at CGI. In addition to her day-to-day project work, Lauren pursued opportunities to engage with and build a community among her peers in CGI’s local metro division. Lauren founded the Denver Social Media club, sat on the Denver Community Engagement Board and Social Club, and served as a CGI brand ambassador.

As a Colorado native, Lauren has deep roots and ties to the local community. Lauren serves on the Colorado Technology Association’s Young Professional’s Board with the mission of developing the next generation of leaders and furthering the local ecosystem. Lauren’s efforts on their Marketing Committee included advertising local programming for young professionals in the tech community with the goal of connecting and building members’ networks.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys cooking, traveling, walking her English Bulldog – Puddle, and spending time outdoors with her friends and loved ones.

Individualization, Arranger, Achiever, Input, Learner

Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging (ENFJ)


Growing up, I was an avid athlete involved year-round in multiple sports. In high school, I earned an International Baccalaureate diploma. In addition to offering challenging coursework, the IB program cultivated a worldview by encouraging students to consider the local and global context. In college, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, experiencing a complete immersion into Italian culture.

Fast forward to the present day, I still follow my deep interests in what makes people tick — gathering information in multiple ways. I am a thoughtful observer and listener, an avid reader, and always ready for a new adventure. I give curiosity a long leash and follow where it leads. I pursue learning for its own sake — not just to a particular outcome. While my passions and interests have changed over time, my desire for challenge, new experiences, and learning continue to shape my approach to work and life.

A core value of Thought Ensemble’s is “always growing.” As an organization, we value continued improvement over perfection. We make a habit of asking great questions to get to know our clients’ unique values, beliefs, and cultures. We are a collection of creative, resourceful, and adaptive people that seek transformational change.

At Thought Ensemble, I have found a community whose values align with my personal beliefs and enable me to work and learn in an environment that plays to my strengths and passions.