Carrie Doane



Carrie has over 20 years of organizational change management experience serving in both internal and external consulting roles for Fortune 500 companies. While working at one of the Big 6 consulting companies, Carrie launched her career in Change Management, specializing in designing and delivering strategic communication plans, training programs, and executive compensation packages for her clients. Using these skills as a foundation, Carrie transitioned into an internal consulting role with Southwest Airlines. Here, she worked with leaders to prepare them to be the face of change for their employees and lead through change effectively. She also engaged impacted employee groups preparing them for change while also helping them understand their role in making change successful.

Prior to joining Thought Ensemble, Carrie was a member of the Change Leadership team for Southwest Airlines where she supported several departmental organizational structure changes and technology implementations. Specifically, she helped integrate AirTran following its acquisition. She also helped develop and market a metric designed to forecast change saturation of employee groups at the Enterprise level.

Outside of work, Carrie likes to spend time reading classic fiction, baking, and spending time with her family doing anything new.

Harmony, Consistency, Learner, Intellection, Connectedness

Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging (ESFJ)


My main memories growing up are about constant change. Between kindergarten and 12th grade I attended seven different schools, so approximately one new school every two years. I believe this taught me to be adaptable and resilient to change. Now, new work environments don’t ruffle my feathers whether that be a new reporting relationship, a new organizational alignment, or even a change in title. I tend to just go with the flow. It also helped me realize my love for learning about new environments, people, situations, and cultures.

Without really knowing what I wanted to do once I graduated, I entered Texas A&M University as a general business major. My favorite classes ended up being Organizational Behavior, Anthropology (for non-science majors), and Business Sociology. I enjoyed these courses because they focused on what motivates people and what makes individuals behave the way they do in reaction to a specific environment or a particular stimulus.

The class that ended up being the most impactful to my career choice was Business and Public Policy. This wasn’t because I was drawn to politics, but because the professor often talked to us about his side job as a consultant helping companies set up grassroots political action groups within their organizations. That was the first I had ever heard of consulting as a career option. I loved the idea that I could work for a company that would allow me to help people while providing me the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries.

Given the constant themes of change and learning throughout my formative years, I suppose it is only natural that I was drawn to a career in organizational change management, which applies behavioral management and motivation theories to change acceptance and adoption.

The things I love most about my work are:

  • Working collaboratively with a group of impacted employees to design a solution to a problem or address a concern
  • Getting to talk to clients and learn about their industry, workgroup, or specialty
  • Facilitating workshops, or learning events and seeing the light bulb go on for attendees